people and the environment



Norge Gir is about people,
future and environment.

Think globally, act locally

The production of new textiles has a major impact on the environment. By giving textiles a new life, we save CO2 emissions and avoid more waste and pollution. When we use the clothes again, we save natural resources, energy, water, chemicals and CO2. It helps the environment and the people at the same time.

In addition to saving CO2 emissions and giving clothes a new life, Norge Gir is about cooperation, respect for the local population and our common future. It supports Humana People to People’s development projects in Africa, India and Latin America, by providing jobs so that One World Institute students can save and pay for education, travel expenses and participation in these humanitarian projects. At the same time, it supports the lives of all the people these development instructors will influence while doing the program. Millions of people benefit from this and can thus get a better future.

If you can sell 50 kg on the street in Mozambique, you can save the lives of a family of 12 people. In some countries in southern Africa it is required to wear shoes when you go to school. If the family has 3 children and only one pair of shoes, they must share, both the shoes and the schooling.
Used clothes and shoes from Europe are therefore of great importance.