Alina Dumitrache

Name: Alina Dumitrachealheina-dumitrac
Age: 33
Nationality: Romanian

Education / former jobs:
Economist/Owner Advertising  Agency

Why did you become a DI?
Like many others in my generation, I studied and fought for a good and secure life. I started working since my university years and made many efforts to achieve financial security and a good professional reputation. After 10 years on this path I realized that being completely absorbed in a consumers’ life it is not what I dreamt for myself. I was looking for a new life, a possibility to share my experience with others and the opportunity to fight for a greater purpose. I found all these by becoming a Development Instructor at DRH Norway.


Which project did you work in? 
DNS Cabo Delgado Mozambique

What the result for you personally – and for the project?
For me it is a dream come true. For the first time ever I started to feel useful and I started to grow more and more. Finally my education and life experience where paying off by helping others, being a support for many and not just for financial benefit. It is a great difference between those two and I can not imagine myself today spending my life without sharing  my joy and experience with others.
I consider that I give a lot to the DNS school in Cabo Delgdo Mozambique. During my 6 months there, I contributed to the schools’ life in all the areas where I could fit in. From teaching to organizing, cooking, playing sports, planning trips, outreach actions in the community and many others. I hope that those involved in the project got a glimpse of a completely different world and that I used my experience to help them move forward.